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French House part 2.

From 2002 another Thomas Bangaltiers project with DJ Falcon.

After Eric Prydz massive hit Call on me at 2003, crowd expected to have more non-french producers to bump into success, but it took time.

There were few years quiet living in the world of French House (sure in 2005 Daft Punk released their album Human After All, but I'm not gonna talk anymore about Daft Punk on this post (:  )
Until at 2005.

Bob Sinclar released two songs that taked  separation from the "traditional" French House.

French House scene was growing and taking different forms. There were still classic filtered loops, but with sinclar's opening there started to grow different styles, for example Laurent Wolf changed his style of making music quite dramaticly.


Still at 2006 a swedish duo Steve Angello and Axwell released song by the name of supermode, which is pure and classic French House.

Bob Sinclars new more "pop"kind of music had lots of critisizm about selling the music genre to MTV and NRJ. As a counterreaction many producers decided to make more real and original style of french house.

In 2007 a wild card appeared. Very Daft Punkish way. Justice, a french duo including Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay. They taked fragments from many producers and music styles combining them into new kind of French House.

                                                          (Genesis means Start / new start) 

Its interesting to see where French House will evolve from here. I personally think it will stay on 3 groups:
Classic style.

                                   (Lois La Roche is UK producer who released his first album in 2010)

More popular style.

                                                          (oh hell yes it is French House)

And finally into wild card section.

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  1. That justice song is fucking heavy man! Really digging it. XD