maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011


Sry about the lack of posts recently. I have been extremely busy + got a really nasty cold : /  

Anyways I promise doing that part of french house soon!

Meanwhile enjoy some progressive house from scandinavia.

torstai 14. huhtikuuta 2011

Loop, Kick, Vocoder and Vocals. Period.

As I have said earlier, French House is THE  music for me. There is something almost magical and hypnotizing about french house. It is just plainly loop, kick and vocoder vocals that can continue hours and hours.

The roots of French House are in the classic Disco and Chicago House. Just take the essential of Chigaco house 4/4 kick and snare, simple and addictive bass lines and mix it with loops from classic Disco song with lots of Groove. Finish it with Vocoder and voila, you got French House.

This is what started the French House. A little project from two french student Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the Daft Punk. (Yes I know they released New wave single before this song, but in my books it wasn't French House yeat, my blog, my rules) Story goes that they were tired of the modern dance music. There werent' any groove on it. So they created music that they would prefer to hear in clubs.

In 1998 Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe and DJ falcon went in Bangalter home studio. when they came out they released song called music sounds better with you as Stardust. It was huge hit, that made French House big enough to be noticed outside of electronic music scene.

Year earlier Alan Braxe released his single Vertigo on Bangalters Label Roulé. (One of my very very favourite songs).

In year 2000 (yea heheheh, Conan joke) Alan Braxe and Fred Falke released their first single together, Intro.

2000 and one. Daft Punk released their second album, Discovery.

This was the album that made French House so popular that even MTV showed Daft Punks videos at primetime. (remember kids that this was before Jersey Shore etc. The time that MTV was actually a MUSIC TELEVISION)

Also the other half of Daft Punk, had personal projects. Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo teamed up in late 90´s and early 00´s, with Eric Chedeville for Le Knight Club (which is in my opinoin way too underappreciated). They released several singles, without "gaining" notice of big audience.

Also in late 90´s another French producer made a song with Thomas Bangalter. 

2003 a first non french producer made a big French House hit. A swede named Eric Prydz.

End of part 1.

keskiviikko 6. huhtikuuta 2011

The rise of Finnish electronic music scene

Thx for Daily 01 for inspiring me to do this. And note to all, this doesn't include dubstep, if you wanna check some good finnish dubstep go and seem rico tubbs, 501, muffler etc.

For most people the term Finnish artist brings a list of metal bands into their mind. Nightwish, HIM,, Children of Bodom etc. But especially here in Helsinki there is massive electronic scene.
For time to time some of it bulbs to awareness of big public. First time in 1999 when Darude released his hit single Sandstorm. As you can remember it was a international hit.
About same time with Darude, the Bomfunk MC's released few hits, which were succesful in Europe, but never get same hit status as Darude. Both had same producer, Jaakko Salovaara aka JS16, the godfather of finnish scene.
And ofcourse Jori Hulkkonen aka Zyntherius, and his biggest hit: Sunglasses at nigth with canadian DJ Tiga.
In my opinion this was the end of first Finnish electronic music wave. After sunglasses at night, the finnish scene slipped away from the awareness of big crowd. In my opinion it was strange that from the land of snow and ice came this kind of music. The music was and is usually a very energetic and in my opinion very exuberant, with a lots of summer vibes. You could say that it birthed from a rebellion against the traditional finnish music, which is very dark, strong and sad. Melancholic.

The second wave was lot smaller than the first wave. You could say that there isn't a second wave just some individual songs in period of time from 2004-2008. Anyways the reason why I separate these songs from first wave, is their new vibe. Melancholy. I think the finnish producers finally found peace with traditional melancholy and draw influence from it into their own music. The biggest hits were from Dallas Superstars (with Jarkko Salovaara) and Super 8 and Tab.
Helsinki Schorchin is one of my favourite trance songs. Tiesto even included it in his list of best trance songs of year.
Ofcourse  the first wave didn't just disappear, there were several releases with names like Bomfunk Mc's and Darude after 2003. Beats and Styles group also combined elements from joy of first wave and melancholy of second wave.
In 2009 started the third wave of finnish electronic music. The Helsinki wave. After 2009 a lot of new promising producer's have released their contribution to our ears. And what connects these new artists? They all come from Helsinki.
Villa Nah

Helsinki 78-82. These guys are genius. This was my choice for best song of 2010. One senior game makers of Gran Turismo 5 was in vacation in Helsinki. He by chance heard Helsinki 78-82 song Cruising in a bar and he fell love in first listening. He loved song so much that he sent it to the rest of Gran turismo 5 makers. After they had heard it they included it in their game.
And Something good.

Helsinki has awesome club scene, even when Helsinki is..
Go check it if you come by.


tiistai 5. huhtikuuta 2011

Summer is here \o/

Yesterday was this years first day when night temperature was over 0 celsius degree. That means its now officially spring. :P So here some awesome summer chilling song.

perjantai 1. huhtikuuta 2011

Hey Guys

Sorry, that I haven't been able to update my blog so often lately. My law studies are taking about 12 hours a day, so I havent had energy to add anything new here. :(
But anyways here is now some new stuff (or not so new). My ultimate favourite song. The song that made me wanna be a DJ and producer (someday). Ladies and Gentleman, The greatest electronic song ever made (except ofcourse Daft Punk's songs) TYDYDYM! TATADAA!

Haters gonna hate and stuff.

Maybe later I'm able to do some more serius blogging. What the hell, in next week there is gonna be a Blog about french house!